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What is SaaS SEO?

The SaaS sector is thriving right now. As we migrate to an increasingly digital existence, the demand for software-as-a-service providers is high.

However, while plenty of opportunity exists, the SaaS playing field has never been more competitive so, if you’re a SaaS provider looking to make your mark, creating trust and building authority in your niche is vital.

That’s where SaaS SEO comes in.


How Bubblegum Search can help you gain traffic

Working with a leading SaaS SEO agency will boost your rankings for the right search terms and connect you with your target audience who are highly-engaged and most likely to convert.

To become a shining needle in that giant SaaS haystack, taking a strategic approach to your SaaS SEO & Content Marketing is no longer optional, if growth is a priority.

Our search marketing agency grew sales at

+120% organic traffic

120% increase in monthly organic traffic for leaders in collaboration display technology.

+68% visibility

68% increase in visibility for global leaders in waterproof bags and cases.

+330% organic traffic

330% increase in organic traffic for aluminium windows & doors supplier in Yorkshire.

+145% organic revenue

45% increase in organic revenue for international shipping company.

+97% organic traffic

97% increase in organic traffic for leaders in Bioethanol Fireplaces.

+214% organic traffic

214% increase in yearly organic traffic for education marketing agency.

Huge increase in global organic traffic, brand awareness, leads & sales!

After only 4 months, overboard has had a huge increase in organic SEO visibility, brand awareness & sales!

Huge increase in local organic traffic, brand awareness and leads!

Major growth in organic traffic, rankings & revenue!

Huge increases in organic rankings, momentous growth in organic traffic, & eCommerce store sales!

Huge increase in yearly organic traffic for education marketing agency

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Increase in monthly organic sessions


Increase in the number of keywords


Increase in monthly organic traffic


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Increase in organic clicks


Increase in organic clicks


Increase in monthly organic leads


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Increase in monthly organic enquiries


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Increase in organic revenue


Increase in keyword impressions

Our SaaS SEO Services

Driving more traffic to your SaaS business isn’t something you can do in a day.

To be a forward-thinking SaaS provider, consistently rolling out the right mix of strategies is the only way to get ahead of the competition.

That’s where we come in. As London’s number one company for SaaS SEO, Bubblegum Search offers a cohesive mix of business-boosting SaaS search engine optimisation strategies.

Let’s explore.

As a trusted SaaS SEO company, we provide a harmonious mix of search engine optimisation services tailored to the specific needs and goals of your SaaS businesses.

You won’t find any cheap tactics or ‘black hat’ tricks at Bubblegum Search—we have developed and use sustainable strategies designed to offer your business genuine authority and growth.

Our strategic SaaS SEO services include periodical technical audits to identify potential technical bugs or issues that might hinder your search rankings and performance.

Our SEO audits are also designed to make sure that all of your pages are 100% optimised, indexed and crawlable for ongoing search engine-based success.

Shortlisting and maximising the value of the right keywords will prove vital to your company’s ongoing SEO success.

It’s how the right consumers will discover and connect with your most value-driven content.

As a trusted SEO agency for SaaS, our team of search professionals have the skills to perform detailed research, sourcing the keywords that will see your SaaS business climb right to the top of Google.

Striking the balance between technical and creative, our SEO services for SaaS include metadata content production and optimisation.

We will create title tags and metadata that offer direct value to your target SaaS audience, improve engagement, and earn you plenty of extra organic web traffic. Nice.

Writing, developing and promoting content that your target audience will find useful and interesting in equal measures is a critical part of SaaS SEO success.

Search engine optimisation and content marketing are one and the same—and we have the talent, as well as the know-how, to produce thought-leading content (blog posts, tutorials, demos, whitepapers, eBooks, videos, infographics, case studies, and more) that talks directly to your target consumers (while ranking high for the best search terms). A winning formula.

There are more mobile devices on the planet than humans.

So, it’s safe to say that we live in a mobile age. If your website, or landing pages aren’t optimised for tablets or smartphones, your SaaS brand reputation, as well as your SEO profile, will suffer.

Our SaaS SEO services extend to mobile optimisation: we will collaborate with your web developer to ensure that the content on every one of your web landing pages is completely optimised for mobile engagement and will carry out mobile audits to keep everything running seamlessly.

Link-building is one of the cornerstones of successful SEO & SaaS growth.

We will create content and formulate strategies to boost your link-building profile while raising your brand visibility. We will also maximise every available promotional opportunity with SEO-based digital PR strategies tailored to your SaaS business.

Why Use Our SaaS SEO Services?

Our eclectic mix of SEO services for SaaS exists to improve brand visibility, boost rankings across search engines, and accelerate SaaS business growth. We will help you gain an edge on the competition—we will put you on the map. Work with us and we will:

Play Video
Increase your website traffic
Level-up your organic search rankings
Raise essential brand authority and awareness
Grow your commercial reach within your SaaS niche or target market
Enrich your content marketing strategy
Tackle technical issues and put you on a path to SaaS SEO domination

As a SaaS SEO agency with many happy clients, we have an excellent track record of helping software businesses exceed their potential with the power of search & Content Marketing.

Don’t just take our word for it… Browse some of our most recent Google reviews to see what our clients have to say about what we do and how we do it.

The SEO agency you can count on

You know you need your web pages to rank higher in search engines like Google. The problem is… you don’t know where to start!

Our specialist SEO agency will work with you to create a custom SEO strategy, tailored to your specific needs. With us, you’ll get more organic traffic, an improved online presence and those all-important leads and sales.

Benefits Of Partnering With SaaS SEO Experts?

Partnering with a professional agency for SaaS SEO will save you time (so you can focus on other areas of the business) while skyrocketing your commercial growth. SEO is a huge undertaking but, with professional guidance, you will consistently enjoy a healthy ROI. Here are just a handful of the perks of working with our SaaS SEO specialists:

Fully dedicated SEO consultancy

Personalised & bespoke SEO services and strategies

End-to-end SEO campaign management

Swift communications & accurate technical implementations

Fully-integrated content marketing & creation services

One-time auditing or full ‘done for you’ monthly SEO management

Monthly SEO reporting

FAQ search

Essential SaaS SEO FAQs

SaaS SEO is centred on strategy. It’s a process that involves a range of complementary tactics with the aim of helping your SaaS business rank well for the right search terms while building brand authority in a sustainable, incremental way.

Over time, you will begin to see increased organic web traffic, higher conversion rates and increased sign-ups.

That said, SaaS SEO, done right, offers an amazing return on investment (ROI) and as such will boost your MRR.

To rank well for the best SaaS search terms and earn genuine engagement, it is essential to create a wide range of targeted content—from blog articles to tutorials, eBooks, video demos and beyond—that not only grabs attention but offers real practical value.

Content marketing is the very best way of creating brand authority & expertise while boosting your SEO performance. Without it, you won’t get very far. Content marketing is the very catalyst for ongoing SaaS success.

Our SaaS SEO fees will depend on your specific goals and the services you need—we tailor our services to our clients—but, as a guide, one-off SEO projects start at £700 & ongoing monthly SEO Management starts from £1,200 per month.
There’s no 100% definitive answer to this question. But it’s worth understanding that SEO growth doesn’t happen in an instant. As a general rule of thumb, you will usually see noteworthy SEO growth within four to six months and, with a targeted strategy, you are highly likely to see your SaaS SEO results rise (and rise) from that point onwards.
A backlink is gained when one website links to another website. When website A links to website B, website B has earned a backlink. Backlinks are also known in the biz as ‘inbound links’.Backlinks are vital to SaaS SEO success as they tell search engines that a business (the recipient of said backlink) has authority in a certain subject—it’s a vote of SEO confidence. The more high-quality backlinks you gain, the more search engines will value your SaaS business. When that happens, your search rankings will soar.
A SaaS content strategy is an ongoing initiative that involves creating a mix of content that addresses the exact pain points of your target audience while positioning your brand as a thought-leader in your industry or niche.Developing a cohesive mix of inspiring content across all of your digital channels and touchpoints, a SaaS content marketing strategy is focused on harnessing the power of content to attract more organic web traffic and, ultimately, increase conversions.

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