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Increasing online visibility & organic trafic for education marketing agency

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Increase in organic traffic organic clicks keyword impressions

Project briefing

About the client

Ambleglow is one of the leading school marketing specialists in the UK. Their primary aim is to assist schools and companies within the education sector in their journey to promote and market themselves more efficiently.

Ambleglow is also one of the oldest companies in the industry with 30 years of experience. They know the education market inside and out and have substantial experience over most of their competitors. Their clients choose Ambleglow over other marketing agencies as their industry knowledge is vast and their diligent approach meets even the highest of standards.

The challenge

Similar to a lot of clients we partner with, Ambleglow’s website had not come in contact with any SEO optimisations prior to working with Bubblegum Search. We knew that would mean having to make improvements all across the board to get ahead of our competition.

Project goal

Lauren, the Marketing Manager of Ambleglow approached us back in 2019 as they were seeking a comprehensive solution to their challenges, within the online & organic facet of the business. Ambleglow, as a brand, has a great reputation but was not fully visible within the organic search results.

However, after a consultation with Bubblegum Search, it was clear that investing in SEO would activate their online presence and help them reach their goals.
Their primary goal was to drive more organic visitors into the website, while establishing a brand reputation of trust, authority and expertise within the fiercely competitive education industry.

Our investigations concluded that Ambleglow’s website was quite basic in terms of SEO best practices and in need of revamping to stand a chance against the competition. The categorisation of their services was a little confusing and often overlapping, their keyword selection & mapping was not set to target primary keywords and their backlink profile had a low authority score.
Our initial diagnosis was more than enough to prompt Ambleglow to begin their SEO journey with Bubblegum Search right away. We prioritised the tasks, familiarised ourselves with their CMS, thoroughly analysed the education marketing competition and got down to work!

Poor site speed, both desktop and mobile

Meta data in need of better keyword targeting

Confusing site structure muddying services offered

XML sitemap not functioning properly

Orphaned, broken, problematic pages

Not optimised for mobile-first

Low online visibility - behind competitors in the industry

No prior outreach carried out to build authority

Very weak backlink profile and low authority

Weak internal linking structure

Unoptimised blogs with overlapping content

CTAs misused throughout the domain leading to missed opportunities

The Solution

A strategically integrated SEO & Content Marketing campaign

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Complex on & off-site Search Engine Optimisation

Comprehensive technical SEO audit to detect all issues

Implementation of technical fixes to elevate the domain for search engines

Market SEO analysis to determine correct actions to take

Keyword research to come up with a master keyword list to employ on pages

Custom mobile-first strategy to lure mobile visitors

Expansion of on-page copy with focus keywords

Improvement of on-page design with compressed images

New meta data to target keywords for higher rankings

Competitor analysis to understand any gaps

Capitalising on CTA opportunities for a higher conversion rate

Comprehensive Content Marketing

Content marketing strategy laying the groundwork for content creation

Fresh content ideas & content creation with improved targeting

Effective outreach campaigns to earn backlinks from reputable websites

Better placement of CTAs & fitting brand promotion within website content

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The optimisation results

Massive uplift in organic traffic, leads, & brand awareness



Bubblegum Search made its partnership with Ambleglow official in November 2019. Our technical audit facilitated the formation of a priority list in terms of technical fixes to get the website off the ground and made sure it could be crawled and indexed within search engines.

There were lots of SEO elements to optimise but we knew that with our SEO expertise and collaborative client communications and implementations, that it wouldn’t be long before we saw great results.

Once we managed to check the most critical boxes of our technical audit implementations, we moved onto the on-page optimisation. Our extensive keyword research gave us a handy list to be deployed in key fields. Core pages were examined thoroughly and with focus keywords in mind, they were equipped with new meta titles, meta descriptions and even on-page body content where necessary.

We also strongly recommended to the client to restructure the categorisation of services as overlapping and duplication was a major issue and keyword targeting didn’t support the current format.

Third link to the execution of best SEO practices was creating original education content and getting our articles published on renowned websites. This yielded many high-quality backlinks that helped to boost Ambleglow’s authority and expertise within the industry. .

After less than 1 year, has witnessed a 214% growth in organic traffic, 70% more organic clicks and 80% Increase in keyword impressions!

Highly recommend Bubblegum Search, communication is brilliant and they’re always at the end of an email/call if we have any questions. We’ve been working with Matt from Bubblegum Search for a few months now and have been so impressed by the results we’ve seen in a short period of time – we’re very much looking forward to carrying this on!
Lauren Selwood

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