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If your business uses WordPress, we will help you raise your brand authority, earn more organic search traffic & grow your audience.

What is WordPress SEO?

As one of the world’s most popular open-source content management systems (CMS), WordPress is a powerful blog, website or landing-page building tool.

Brands across industries use WordPress as it’s effective, easy to use, and comes with a wealth of business-boosting features. If you know how to use the platform—and its many tools or plugins—to their full potential, you will accelerate the growth of your business.

Boosting your brand awerness through WordPress SEO

If you want to boost your brand awareness, improve your search engine visibility, and drive more traffic to your business, you need to know how to utilise SEO for WordPress. However, while the platform does come with its fair share of user-friendly features, unlocking its full search engine optimisation (SEO) potential requires an expert touch.

How Bubblegum Search can help you gain traffic

An experienced WordPress SEO agency can help you make your web pages more user-friendly and rank more highly for the relevant search terms. In turn, you will earn droves of organic search traffic, improve customer retention, and boost your bottom line. WordPress is a widely used CMS and, to gain an edge on the competition, getting your SEO efforts just right is essential. No exceptions. No compromises.

Our search marketing agency grew sales at

+120% organic traffic

120% increase in monthly organic traffic for leaders in collaboration display technology.

+68% visibility

68% increase in visibility for global leaders in waterproof bags and cases.

+330% organic traffic

330% increase in organic traffic for aluminium windows & doors supplier in Yorkshire.

+145% organic revenue

45% increase in organic revenue for international shipping company.

+97% organic traffic

97% increase in organic traffic for leaders in Bioethanol Fireplaces.

+214% organic traffic

214% increase in yearly organic traffic for education marketing agency.

Huge increase in global organic traffic, brand awareness, leads & sales!

After only 4 months, overboard has had a huge increase in organic SEO visibility, brand awareness & sales!

Huge increase in local organic traffic, brand awareness and leads!

Major growth in organic traffic, rankings & revenue!

Huge increases in organic rankings, momentous growth in organic traffic, & eCommerce store sales!

Huge increase in yearly organic traffic for education marketing agency

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Our WordPress SEO Services

Building brand authority and growing your organic search traffic isn’t a quick fix solution—it won’t happen overnight. For long-term success—the kind that will offer a healthy return on investment (ROI)—doing the right things with consistency is the only way.

That’s where we come in. As London’s top WordPress SEO agency, we offer a range of strategic services that will get your business where it needs to be (and beyond).

We offer a cohesive mix of SEO services for WordPress tailored to your specific goals and target industry.

No cheap tricks or ‘black hat’ tactics here—we develop rock-solid strategies built for sustainable growth.

Our leading WordPress SEO services include regular technical audits to ensure that your WordPress store is fully crawlable and indexable at all times and is optimised for superior SEO success.

Choosing the perfect keywords for your business is vital to SEO success.

As an experienced WordPress SEO company, we can conduct detailed research and select the keywords that will see you climbing to the very top of Google.

Using a mix of SEO copywriting expertise and WordPress plugin tricks, our in-house SEO experts will produce metadata that speaks directly to your target audience, drives engagement, and earns you more traffic.

We will make sure that every one of your WordPress pages is fully optimised for the best possible results. We will also create keyword-rich headings and develop dynamic, value-driven content filled with optimised images, videos, infographics, bulleted lists, and more.

We’ll also pinpoint issues such as duplicate content and then make recommendations or help with the implementations, such as adding canonical or noindex tags.

The performance and usability of your WordPress site have a direct impact on your SEO success.

We will ensure that your site is mobile friendly and optimised for mobile browsing, loads efficiently, looks great and is easy to navigate.

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Why Use Our WordPress SEO Services?

Our invaluable range of SEO services for WordPress will push you ahead of the pack—and help you stay there.

Just like an iceberg, there is a lot more to WordPress than meets the eye and we will help you unlock the platform’s full SEO-boosting potential, one tailored, value-driven initiative at a time.

We will use our WordPress SEO expertise and experience to:

Play Video
Boost your website, blog or landing page traffic
Enhance your organic search rankings
Improve brand authority & awareness
Grow yourorganic visibility and help you stand out in your niche
Develop your content and communications for sustainable succes
Navigate technical problem and preserve your ongoing WordPress SEO success

As a WordPress SEO agency with an outstanding track record, we will help you take your business to the next level through the power of search, using WordPress as a powerful promotional vessel.

You know what they say: seeing is believing. Fortunately, our clients have plenty of good things to say about us. Check out our latest Google Reviews and prepare to be dazzled..

The SEO agency you can count on

You know you need your web pages to rank higher in search engines like Google. The problem is… you don’t know where to start!

Our specialist SEO agency will work with you to create a custom SEO strategy, tailored to your specific needs. With us, you’ll get more organic traffic, an improved online presence and those all-important leads and sales.

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WordPress SEO Services FAQs

A WordPress SEO agency consists of a team of experts that work strategically to help businesses enhance their search rankings, reach more customers, and gain authority in their niche or industry. No two businesses or websites are exactly the same and a professional WordPress SEO agency will develop a strategy tailored to the specific needs of its clients, using the CMS platform’s tools, plugins, and features to their fullest potential.

In an increasingly cut-throat digital landscape, SEO has never been more valuable for business growth and performance. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, you need to get it right. Investing in your SEO strategy will help you maximise the value of your WordPress site by taking a smart, strategic, and platform-specific approach to search-term ranking, making sure your content reaches the right audience when they’re most engaged, and helping you stand out from the competition.

In a word, yes. As a powerful and incredibly versatile content management system (CMS), WordPress boasts a wealth of built-in SEO features and plugins that are intuitive and will help your business rank well in search engines. When it comes to WordPress SEO, there are many avenues to explore, but to gain an all-important edge on the competition, working with a professional WordPress SEO agency will yield the very best results.

There’s no clear-cut answer to this question and, ultimately, results will depend on your specific goals, business type, age/ site authority and target market. SEO is a long term investment and as a rule of thumb, you will usually see notable results within four to six months and, with a tailored strategic approach, you are more than likely to see the performance of your WordPress site improve continually from that point onwards.

If you work with the right WordPress SEO company, you will enjoy sustainable results. At Bubblegum Search, we have the tools, talent, and skills to help you boost your organic search rankings and earn more traffic using WordPress as your CMS. Explore our case studies to find out how we’ve steered some of our most valued clients to SEO success.

Yoast SEO is a user-friendly SEO plugin for WordPress. Informational and intuitive, Yoast SEO offers all of the tools and information to help you optimise your on-page content for search engine success while creating engaging title tags and metadata. Essentially, this is an easy to use plugin that makes enhancing your content from a search and user experience (UX) perspective accessible. As such, it’s a tool that every WordPress business owner should have installed.

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