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Increasing online visibility & organic traffic for international luggage shipping company

+ 320 250 283 270 %

Increase in organic traffic keyword impressions organic revenue keyword clicks

Project briefing

About the client

Sherpr is a luggage & box shipping company. They offer local & international shipping to all their customers who wish to send parcels, boxes, suitcases, bikes, golf clubs and more without the hassle of lifting and carrying it themselves. Their door-to-door service ensures safe and reliable transport of delicate and fragile goods.

Our client has a special interest in helping students move with their student shipping services. This aspect of their business enables students to relocate with ease and facilitates their major life decisions. With operations in over 100 countries, Sherpr guarantees a smooth transition for all relocating students.

The challenge required a full-on approach, a plan from scratch, as any form or shape of SEO optimisation had been missing from the website. We went back to the basics and put together an all-inclusive SEO plan.

Project goal

Andew Watson, Founder & CEO of Sherpr, got in touch with our SEO agency mid-2020 to discuss their ambitions and needs regarding the online facet of the business. Sherpr was facing fierce competition from a few well-established shipping companies and organic growth was essential if they were to ever overtake their competitors.

Some of the areas they highlighted were low organic traffic, unsatisfactory conversion rate, little to none organic revenue and need of technical assistance. In other words, this was a tailor-made case for the expertise of Bubblegum Search!

Our initial investigation showed us that there was a lot of technical SEO ground to cover before we could enact any planned on-page implementations. Historic pages and orphaned pages to be redirected, old services pages that were no longer available, low site speed that stymies visitor journey and no mobile-first optimisation.

We proposed to Sherpr a comprehensive plan that included a full restructuring of their URL framework in a way to encompass all services rendered with a broadened perspective. Upon our initial agreement, we began our collaboration with Sherpr G in June 2020.

URL structure not reflective of current services

Poor website design - unnecessary hurdles for the user journey

Metadata refresh needed for core pages

No prior outreach projects - poor backlink profile

Tons of missed keyword opportunities - no pertinent pages to host them

Very low site speed - sending problematic signals to search engines

Broken/orphaned/obsolete/outdated pages to be purged

Robots.txt file to be fully updated

Competitors well-entrenched in top positions - analysis required

Mobile-first approach - make adjustments with design, CTAs, positioning

The Solution

A strategically integrated SEO & Content Marketing campaign

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Complex on & off-site Search Engine Optimisation

Technical SEO audit to detect issues

Technical implementations in place to give the domain a solid foundation

Extensive keyword research from scratch not to miss out on opportunities

New meta data rewritten & published for all core pages

New pages created with optimised URLs for new keywords to live

On-page keyword analysis to create updated & improved page copy

Collaboration with paid search (PPC) for better traffic analysis

Sitewide project for revamped internal linking structure

Comprehensive Content Marketing

Competitor research for both backlink & content analyses

Targeted outreach campaigns to earn high-quality backlinks

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The optimisation results

Major growth in organic traffic, rankings & revenue!



Our partnership with Sherpr began in June 2020. The early stages predominantly consisted of major technical fixes, keyword research & on-page improvements. For the first few months, we focused on purging the domain of potentially pernicious pages while putting together a master keyword list and employing our focus keywords on pages of critical importance.

Upon our initial success concerning key organic metrics, we expanded our practices beyond the surface level. This enabled us to dive deeper and work on overall site structure to enhance customer journey while creating a more SEO-friendly interface.

Tens of new URLs (destinations, relocation, excess baggage) were launched under our supervision and they superseded the outdated pages in the top navigation bar. This marked one of the most notable and direct changes we’ve made on a client website.

The next few months were spent incorporating new keywords into content, furnishing core pages with improved meta data & on-page copy and reaching out to prospects to earn backlinks.

All our work came to fruition eventually with an uptick all across the board: a 320% increase in yearly organic traffic, 250% increase in organic keyword impressions and 283% in organic revenue!

Great service, easy to deal with and deliver results instantly. Out of all the agencies we have dealt with, these guys are the best so far. Highly Recommended!
Andew Watson

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