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From content strategy to content creation to publishing & promoting. 

Our expert content marketing services will grow your brand, traffic & sales.

Remarkable Content Retains Timeless Value

10X content! – the sort that earns trust and builds credibility – not only establishes your business as a domain leader, it sets your brand apart, naturally increasing SEO visibility by sheer virtue of newfound authority.

  • Strengthen brand visibility underpinned by a robust digital strategy
  • Grow domain authority producing customer-centric content
  • Earn backlinks, amplify reach and convert interest into action
  • Build trust, generate leads and nurture prospects towards the sale

#1 Content Strategy Agency

Every piece we create has your marketing strategy in mind, coordinating outreach across mainstream publications, social and blogger channels to extract maximum value – search engine optimisation, reach, and ultimately, revenue.

Piecing the SEO-Content Puzzle Together

SEO Services

Technical and on-page SEO are the foundations of online success. Maximise search engine visibility with an optimised website complemented by a granular keyword strategy.

Content Creation

Great content is original, shareworthy and authentic. It’s key to your overarching SEO strategy leveraging on-page SEO keyword research while building quality backlinks to increase domain authority.

Content Strategy Services

Impactful content relies on strategic thought focusing on the questions your customers are asking, alongside their actual intent. We create customer-centric content delivering the critical detail, published on the platforms your audience loves.

Outreach & Digital PR

If you invest in creation, you want maximum value from every piece produced. We guarantee bang-for-buck with widespread distribution across all relevant publications.

A steady stream of exceptional content delivering unique beneficial insight is foundational
for any brand hoping to conquer natural search – or digital in general

Conquer Natural Search with Our Content Marketing Services

Customer Centric

Customer engagement requires thought, focus and frequency: we tailor your marketing strategy to highly-targeted buyer personas with exhaustive keyword research informing content creation – pleasing visitors and sending signals that earn results.

Compelling Content

Social shares stem from original insight: we tell stories and create experiences through blog posts, videos, eBooks and much more. Our in-house experts master your customers’ mindsets for captivating content that reflects user intent.

Data-Driven Strategy Development

Stepping back to review campaign KPI’s, we isolate detailed data and analytics insight to continuously inform and update your SEO and content strategy services.

Targeted Outreach

Content requires promotion to amplify its exposure. So, we leverage our Digital PR expertise to distribute your content via the relevant and trusted channels ensuring widespread engagement for concentrated impact, maximising the return on investment.

Content Marketing Services are an Investment in SEO

Content must be gripping, persuasive, linkable, loveable – yes – but it’s also critical to your SEO.

Why? Because great content underpins your brand’s credibility in the digital world. Without credibility, there’s no authority. And without authority in a world which sees 27 million pieces of content shared every day – who’s going to listen?

But exceptional content attracts an audience; it builds confidence; it generates the backlinks, shares and likes that search engines love. Then, it boosts you up the organic search rankings to give your business the search engine visibility it deserves.

At Bubblegum Search, our expert creatives dedicate their days to devise the ideal strategy reflecting the dreams and fears of your customers. They bring a keyword focus to your content – working with Digital PR specialists to attract the inbound traffic you’re searching for. We make sure your content marketing reinforces your SEO strategy, delivering maximum online impact for a healthy bottom line return.

Why do we do it? We love to see you win.


Content marketing is the creation and distribution of quality, relevant and engaging content. It goes beyond pitching your products or services; it’s content that people genuinely want to view, watch, read, share and digest.

A content marketing strategy is designed to attract, engage and convert a defined audience, reaching them at specific points in their buying journey. So, whether a customer is coming across your brand for the first time or are in the consideration phase, good content marketing will drive action and, ultimately, encourage a user down the path to conversion.

Having a stellar content marketing strategy is essential for any modern day business. It’s an incredibly effective way to communicate with a new or existing audience, build their trust and generate conversions.

When a consumer enters the buying cycle, they’ll go through four important stages; awareness, research, consideration and purchase. Content marketing helps you tap into these four stages by serving a user truly relevant, useful content at the right time.

Designed for sustained, long-term success, content marketing makes it easier for your target audience to find and connect with you, whilst also having a number of SEO benefits; such as generating natural backlinks and increasing the amount of shareable content on your website – leading to improved rankings and awareness.

The saying goes “a goal without a plan is just a wish” and that’s no truer than when it comes to content marketing. While the odd blog post here and there can’t hurt your marketing efforts, a professional content marketing strategy is essential for delivering truly effective, tangible results.

A good content marketing strategy will ensure your content has a cohesive, authentic message across multiple channels. It will also allow you to create a strong brand identity and produce content with purpose. We believe that a great strategy is one that adds value to the reader and achieves your business objectives.

Telling your audience who you are and what you stand for is a powerful way to appeal to your ideal audience. Your content marketing activity should build brand awareness, whilst also helping to establish trust and authority with your customers. It may be the difference between a user converting on your site, or your closest competitor, so it’s essential you create authentic, compelling content that is true to your brand.

Content marketing is also great for SEO. It can not only drive traffic to your website through the use of targeted keywords and referral links, but also gives search engines more discrete yet important brand signals, such as mentions, queries and higher click-through-rates – all of which signify your website is worth ranking higher in the SERPs.

B2B content marketing is the practice of creating content to appeal to a business audience. One of the main differences between B2B and B2C content marketing is the end user: a B2C business creates content for the consumer, while a B2B strategy creates content for businesses.

In a B2B content marketing strategy, your audiences’ pain points, motivations and interests should be central to the content you create. You’ll also want to think carefully about the type of outcome you desire – maybe you want to get more eyes on your product, generate high-quality leads or get businesses to choose your product over the competition?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that as a B2B business you’re restricted to just publishing dry whitepapers, journal and industry news, either. B2B content marketing is a great opportunity for you to position your brand as an expert and offer value-driven, interesting content that solves a problem, inspires businesses and builds trust.

Measuring your content marketing efforts allows you to understand how much you spent to achieve your goals. While the customer journey can be more complicated than simply seeing your content and clicking straight through to buy, it does happen.

To work out your ROI, you’ll want to start by adding up the costs involved in producing the content. Remember; even if you’re creating your content in-house, it still costs your company. Factor in your copywriter’s salary, any outsourcing, imagery, audio and work completed by other departments. Plus, include the cost of any tools and software used for content creation and distribution, as well as any money spent on PPC, outreach or social activity. You’ll then need to add up the sales that directly resulted from your content. This is your return. From here, you can calculate your ROI.

Other metrics that indicate that your content marketing strategy is working is an increase in backlinks, ranking for target keywords, an increase in traffic, more quality leads, an increase in on-site engagement and, importantly, more sales.

This particular form of marketing uses images to capture your audience’s attention and connect with them on an emotional level. It’s perfectly suited to today’s time-poor, mobile-friendly consumer; allowing you to generate impact quickly and effectively.

Visual content marketing can come in a variety of forms; from breaking up a blog post with some spectacular visuals, to developing eye-catching infographics, videos, memes, photographs, GIFs and screenshots.

While text-based content remains an integral tool for digital marketers today, visual content allows you to set yourself apart, connect more deeply with your audience and reach them across multiple platforms.

There’s no doubt that a strategic content marketing campaign can boost traffic, brand affiliation and conversions. It can work for both large and small brands, because it allows you to create valuable, engaging and compelling content at scale; boosting traffic and helping you reach a wider audience.

A good content marketing plan will see you create content that serves your audience in a meaningful way, offering advice, entertainment, information. This will lead to higher levels of engagement, foster deeper connections with your users and power sales.