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Increasing online visibility & organic traffic for eCommerce Magento store

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Project briefing

About the client

Imaginfires is one of the most prominent bioethanol fireplace suppliers in the UK. Since their establishment in 2013, they’ve been exclusively offering bioethanol fireplaces and accessories, which paved the way in their relentless endeavour to become market leaders within the industry.

They exist as a reputable brand in many high street retailers along with their online store, where a huge portion of their transactions occur. Their exquisite selection of aesthetically eye-pleasing biofires provide a cosy warmth to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Imaginfires is a company you can always rely on to enhance your house as their excellent score and reviews on Trustpilot suggest.

The challenge

As it is often the case with many of our clients, Imaginfires website required a start from scratch approach as no prior SEO work had been done in the past. We knew we had to go all the way back to the basics and implement elementary but vital SEO techniques to assist the brand keep up with its competitors that had separated themselves substantially in the absence of SEO work.

As we would deploy SEO practices, we would have to not lose sight of our client’s unique selling propositions (USPs), also their mission and vision statements.

Project goal

When Mark Beynon, the Cofounder of Imaginfires, first got in touch, their main objective was to elevate the organic profile of their domain. Despite being a successful retailer and having attained a certain level of brand-awareness over the years, they hadn’t yet achieved a satisfactory online presence.

Upon our initial investigations, we’ve found the website to be outdated and out-of-touch when it comes to SEO best practices.

Imaginfires website was not producing regular content, product line looked uninspiring and technical maintenance was severely lacking. In other words, the site as a whole was built without any SEO considerations in mind and it had not been optimised since. Their content management system, Magento, out the box lacked SEO functionality which presented challenges.

Mark and the Bubblegum team discussed the challenges and opportunities and ultimately provided a roadmap to right the ship. This entailed going back to square one and creating a brand new SEO strategy that includes comprehensive audits, major technical overhaul and a consistent blog production.

Imaginfires team were more than happy to kick things off as soon as they heard our plans and steps to success.

Broken, erroneous, outdated pages

Minimal online visibility - lack of outreach, activity

Thin blog content & lack of consistent output

Weak & spammy backlink profile and low authority

Weak, almost non-existent internal linking

Missed opportunities on key CTAs - weak positioning

Unoptimised, even missing meta titles & descriptions

Visually unattractive products & services pages

FAQs positioned as thin blog pages, diminishing content value

Working around Magento ‘out of the box’ to overcome hurdle

The Solution

A strategically integrated SEO & Content Marketing campaign

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Complex on & off-site Search Engine Optimisation

Technical SEO audit to spot major crawling issues & problematic pages

Technical implementations to improve indexation & declutter domain

Extensive keyword research to generate a keyword list that encompasses all services

Bespoke mobile-first strategy to improve the mobile experience

Brand new meta data for core & secondary pages with focus keywords

Revival of FAQ content upon question keyword research

Complete restructuring of product & category pages

Comprehensive Content Marketing

All-inclusive content marketing strategy uncovering every single opportunity

Creation of keyword-focused blog articles that are informative and provide real value

Regular outreach campaigns to earn backlinks from strong domains

Including and optimising video content across core pages of the website

Infographic creation and promotion to earn relevant high quality backlinks

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The optimisation results

Huge increases in organic rankings, momentous growth in organic traffic, & eCommerce store sales!



Bubblegum Search joined forces with Imaginfires at the start of 2017. We created a priority list upon the initial technical audit. First few steps of our roadmap largely consisted of purging the website of its clutter and achieving better signals sent to search engines.

Once the first phase was completed and results began emerging in the form of more organic impressions, we turned our attention to low conversion rate with on-page SEO practices such as keyword implementation, content expansion and metadata optimisation.

This allowed us to address the needs of visitors more effectively and push relevant products with ease.

Regular content creation was the next step to reinvigorate the website. We coupled content ideas up with Imaginfires services and industry trends to conjure up quality articles. This formed valuable assets that could later be used to partner up with external websites.

Organic traffic, which was highlighted as the main KPI by the client to invest in SEO, grew by 97% since the very beginning of our partnership.

This has translated into a 56% increase in organic eCommerce revenue.The domain is now ranking with 120% more keywords than it initially did and it’s cemented as the top company in online visibility amongst its competitors.

Bubblegum combines a genuine love of mastering all the latest SEO skills with an obvious desire to achieve, and then maintain, top rankings in all our keywords. They are an indispensable part of our team.
Mark Beynon

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