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What is Magento SEO?

Magento is one of the biggest—and most powerful—eCommerce content management systems (CMS) on the planet. In fact, around 250,000 businesses currently use Magneto to set up their online stores and connect with new customers—that’s quite a lot!

With a wealth of eye-catching website templates, easy-to-use drag-and-drop features, and a seemingly infinite number of business-boosting tools on offer, Magento is a platform built for success. But to squeeze every last drop of value from the platform and stand out from the crowd, getting under its skin is essential.

If you want to boost your brand profile, improve your commercial reach, rank for the right keywords in search engines and ultimately earn more revenue, knowing the ins and outs of Magento SEO is the only way. But, while the platform does come complete with some pretty useful out-of-the-box search-boosting tools, unlocking its full search engine optimisation (SEO) potential requires niche knowledge.

Working with an experienced Magento SEO company, you will ensure every one of your store’s pages offers your customers (and your business) maximum value, while ranking well for the right search terms. In doing so, you will enjoy more organic search traffic, see your conversion rates soar and boost your bottom line.

Magento is one of the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms and to push yourself ahead of the pack, getting your SEO strategy right is no longer an added luxury, it’s vital. As London’s #1 Magento SEO agency, we will get you where you need to be.

Our strategies grew Magento sales at


increase in organic traffic for leaders in Bioethanol Fireplaces.

"Bubblegum combines a genuine love of mastering all the latest SEO skills with an obvious desire to achieve, and then maintain, top rankings in all our keywords. They are an indispensable part of our team."

- Mark Beynon, Director of Imaginfires

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Our Magento SEO Services

At Bubblegum Search we have the Magento SEO talent and the expertise to help you succeed. Reaching more customers, building your brand authority, and improving your organic search traffic isn’t something that just happens by clicking a box or pressing a button.

There isn’t a template that can be applied to every business or a magic formula that works for every single Magento website. To reap real long-term growth, executing the right SEO activities for your business with precision and consistency is key. It’s the only way

That’s where we come in.

As a specialist SEO agency for Magento, we offer a range of tailored services that are adaptable, scalable, and will help you win on today’s cutthroat digital battlefield.

Magento SEO Strategy

Good Magento SEO consists of more than just keywords and SEO plugins. We offer a comprehensive mix of SEO services for Magento based on your target market and the specific outcomes you want to achieve.

No foul play or ‘black hat’ tricks—they simply don't work. Google is very clever these days.

No, we develop dynamic strategies designed for ongoing business growth—a bespoke mix of forward-thinking SEO activities that will get your Magento store consistently noticed by those who matter.

Magento Technical SEO Audits

As a leading Magento SEO company, our talented team can carry out technical audits with razor-sharp accuracy, making sure that your Magento store is 100% optimised for search engine success at all times. No glitches, no bugs, just the results you deserve.

Magento Keyword Research

Implementing the best keywords for your Magento store is one of the very foundations of reaching the right customers through search engine optimisation.

As a leading SEO agency for Magento, we will carry out detailed research to ensure your store’s pages shoot to the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Metadata & Description Optimisation

With specialist copywriting skills and a wealth of eCommerce content marketing experience, our in-house SEO experts will write or optimise your metadata and descriptions to ensure they are eye-grabbing, engaging, and primed to entice droves of customers to your Magento store.

User Experience (UX) Optimisation for Magento

If your Magento store is slow-loading, bogged down by glitches, or like a Rubik’s Cube to navigate, your search rankings will drop (not to mention your reputation).

As a Magento SEO company, we understand the value of user experience (UX) and make sure your pages load swiftly, look professional, are easy-to-use, and completely optimised for desktop as well as mobile browsing.

Duplicate Content Management

When you have a Magento store with a large number of landing and product pages, your site can be difficult for search engines to crawl and you also run the risk of creating duplicate URLs or site content.

We can help you tackle these issues by creating canonical tags, page redirects, and by optimising your URLs. Doing so will prevent your search engine rankings from suffering or your customers becoming frustrated. A real win-win.

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Why Use Our Magento SEO Services?

Our value-driven Magento SEO services will help you accelerate your business success—and help you remain one step ahead of the competition.

Magento is a little like a virtual iceberg—there’s a lot more to experience and explore than what you see on the surface. As a dedicated Magento SEO company, we can help you dive deep and unlock a wealth of search engine boosting capabilities.

We will use our trusted Magento SEO expertise to:

As an SEO agency for Magento with a long-standing track record, we will make your online store the best it can be using the power of modern search engine optimisation.

But don’t just take our word for it—have a look at what our happy clients and customers have to say about our services...

Important Magento SEO FAQs

What is a Magento SEO agency?

A Magento SEO agency comprises a tight-knit team of search optimisation experts taking a targeted approach to helping businesses improve website search engine rankings, reach more customers in their niche, and raise brand authority consistently.

As you will know, no two businesses or Magento stores are alike and a trusted Shopify SEO agency will put together a tailored long-term strategy based on the actual needs of its clients, using Magento’s tools, plugins, and unique features for increased success through SEO.

Is SEO important for Magento?

Of course. It doesn’t matter what your business does or what it offers, you need to get your SEO right.

Magento is a powerful eCommerce CMS but it won’t help you reach the top of Google rankings by itself.

By investing in your SEO strategy, you will make sure you get the very best from your Magento store by adopting a smart, focused, and platform-centric stance. We will help you to rank on the first page of Google for the most relevant search terms while making sure your on-page content offers complete value to your audience.

In today’s world, SEO is not really an optional add-on, it needs to be an essential pillar of your overall business strategy. So, it should be one of your top priorities as a Magento store owner.

Is Magento mobile-friendly?

Your website does, of course, need to be fully mobile-optimised for solid SEO rankings and consistent web traffic.

The good news is that most Magento themes are automatically optimised for mobile users—the store checkout is also mobile-friendly. But if you're working with a web developer, you should ensure they use responsive web design.

Here at Bubblegum Search, we can work alongside your web developer & perform a comprehensive mobile SEO audit to ensure every aspect of your site is optimised for a richer user experience while adhering to the best (and most up to date) search engine optimisation practices.

Does Magento SEO really work?

If you choose Bubblegum Search as your trusted Magento SEO company, you will see long-term growth and an excellent ROI.

At Bubblegum Search, we have the tools, the Magento SEO Experts, the experience, and the vision to help you boost your organic search rankings while enticing consistent streams of valuable traffic to your Magento store.

Explore our case studies to discover how we use SEO to improve our clients’ businesses.

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