Why should I invest in SEO and not put my budget elsewhere?

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Managing a marketing budget can be tricky when running a small business.

It’s essential to focus your spending on the channels that will bring you the largest return on investment.

People may have advised you to invest your money in search engine optimisation (SEO).

Do small businesses invest in SEO?

Interestingly, only half of small businesses take the time to invest in SEO, with one in five saying they don’t see why they should.

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Some businesses can be put off by SEO because it can take a long time to see results.

After all, why spend all that money when you can create a paid advertising campaign and see the leads roll in straight away?

However, what if we told you that investing in SEO was a solid, long-term strategy for your business?

If you’re asking the question ‘why should I invest in SEO?,’ here are some of the reasons why you should.

Why you should make investing in SEO your top priority

People use search engines every single day

It’s estimated that the average person carries out three to four search engine queries every day. This potentially means a lot of organic web traffic for your business.

It’s easier than ever before to access a search engine. People can search on their mobile phones and tablets while on the go, and can even use their smart speakers to ask search engines questions!

SEO is here to stay

Marketing channels tend to come and go, but SEO is here permanently. There will always be a need for search engines to help people find websites, even if the specific search engines peak and wane in popularity.

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Plus, it’s always good to invest in your own website and content, which SEO helps you do. Think of SEO as an investment into your website, one of your biggest assets, that will provide value and dividends over the long run when done correctly.

For example, let’s say you invest your time and money building up your following on a social media platform. One morning, you could come into work to find your account has been banned or all your followers have been removed.

SEO provides a solid return on investment for your business

The return on investment (ROI) SEO can bring varies from business to business, but marketers typically agree that it provides the highest return of all marketing channels.

According to Search Engine Journal, nearly half of marketers agree that organic search brings a higher return than email marketing, social media and paid search.

While there is an initial investment to consider with SEO marketing, it keeps providing results. Compare this with paid search, which brings you conversions while you have a budget, but will stop as soon as the money disappears.

In conclusion: invest in your SEO for the best outcome

We hope this article has convinced you why investing in SEO services can bring significant benefits to your business.

You may be worried that SEO is expensive, and that’s perfectly normal. SEO does take a little while to see results, but trust us; they are well worth the wait.

There may be some months you invest and don’t see any progress, but be assured that there is plenty of work going on behind the scenes.

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You may not be ranking at all, and then all of a sudden, hey presto! You’re on the first page of Google.

Contact us today to see which of our SEO packages is the right choice for your business. Or why not get started with a no obligation SEO audit and Free Marketing Plan!

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