Case Study


Increasing visibility & leads for the global leaders in collaboration display technology


Increase in number of keywords


Increase in monthly organic sessions


Increase in monthly organic leads


Avocor is a global brand and leader in the manufacturing and distribution of interactive display technology, having multiple locations around the world. Priding themselves on being the leaders in cutting edge collaboration solutions & distributing innovative products made to the highest standard.


Natalie Harris-Briggs, VP of Marketing at Avocor, wanted a website that was set up to attract the right type of audience and that brought in a regular and increasing supply of leads. Increasing brand awareness, sales and revenue.


The Challenge

Natalie had some SEO experience and Avocor had started to notice their organic traffic improve. However, in combination of having no inhouse digital marketing team and having to help run many other aspects of the business and no time to spare, she quickly needed to find trusted SEO experts who could really understand the current state of play and then create and implement a strategy that targeted higher volume and more competitive keywords.

Top line challenges

  • Low quality content without intent or targeting
  • Technical problems hindering crawling and indexation
  • Missing navigation elements, creating a poor user experience
  • Content not optimised for sales or search engines
  • Content missing keyword relevancy
  • Site lacking authoritative and trusted links
  • Missing Calls to Actions (CTA)

The Solution

A strategically integrated SEO & Content Marketing campaign

  • Bubblegum started by building a strong and stable technical foundation, fixing all issues so search engines can crawl and index the website effectively.
  • Increase keyword relevancy of pages by including primary converting & also longtail keywords.
  • Improve navigation to include pages and content relevant for the audience
  • Fix mobile usability issues hindering navigation and conversions.
  • Included CTA’s across the site to increase leads
Content Marketing
  • Research and create a comprehensive ‘Content Marketing Strategy’
  • Create relevant in-depth articles that are conversion focused
  • Content & linkable asset creation
  • Digital PR & outreach to high quality publications

The Result

Huge increase in global organic traffic, brand awareness, leads & sales!

Avocor Case Study: The Result

Bubblegum partnered with Avocor in December of 2017. However, after only 4 months, following multiple recommendations from both technical and content audits, the team was very happy to report that all the work was beginning to be rewarded with a steady increase in organic traffic and leads. At this time, the Bubblegum team also created a Content Marketing Strategy & used the power of Digital PR to outreach to relevant publications. This resulted in Avocor earning a high number of quality and authoritative links and social shares!

3 months following this, organic traffic skyrocket along with lead conversions & sales!

The site continues to receive an average increase of 130% in monthly organic traffic, year on year, and a massive 80% increase in monthly leads, equalling one impressive ROI.

Natalie Harris-Briggs

VP Marketing

The team at Bubblegum combine a genuine love of mastering all the latest SEO skills with an obvious desire to achieve, and then maintain, top rankings in all our keywords. Bubblegum is an indispensable part of our team.


Increase in monthly organic sessions for global interactive display brand