Kartoffel Films

Increase in organic visibility & brand awareness for video production company in London


Increase in users


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in organic goal completion


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Kartoffel Films is a young and dynamic video production company based in East London. They are equipped with highly-skilled professionals with great experience in the film production business and abundantly creative ideas to bring their clients’ marketing needs to life & onto screen. Kartoffel offers filmmaking and animation services in a variety of business sectors, namely education, charity, and health. This vibrant brand also films events and produces social media videos.


Eoin Dowdall, the founder of Kartoffel Films, contacted us with a need to increase website leads and to grow the online visibility of his brand. Eoin had a basic understanding of SEO and its imperative components, but very little action had been taken over the years in regards an organic strategy. He was in need of an expert’s touch to elevate his brand to greater heights.

After further investigation and liaisons with Eoin, we understood what success looked like and reverse engineered this outcome into a set the prime objectives, KPIs and SEO strategy.

Kartoffel Films’ website also lacked consistent production in the content marketing department. Their blog had been neglected for a long time and opportunities weren’t being capitalised on. Thus we decided to include content creation in our list of priorities for our client.

Kartoffel Films

The Challenge

As the Kartoffel website had no type of SEO work in the past and content marketing hadn’t been made a focal marketing point, a “start from scratch” approach was deemed apt for this case. We would have to bake our best SEO practices into top-notch fresh content and serve it to the right audience using an array of methods and tactics. While doing this, we had to keep in mind the ultimate goal of raising brand visibility & helping with CRO to improve website leads.

  • Missing, thin, or unoptimised content with low keyword density
  • Missed opportunities due to misemployment of keywords
  • No local positioning of the brand, services, or keywords
  • Non-existent or non optimised meta data for the majority of pages
  • Broken, low quality or outdated pages wasting crawl budget
  • Weak backlink profile and authority
  • Weak internal linking
  • Blog lacking a content strategy and long tail keywords
  • Obscure and missing call-to-actions (CTA), ineffective for conversions

The Solution

A strategically integrated SEO & Content Marketing campaign


Content Marketing

The Result

Massive uplift in organic traffic, leads, & brand awareness!

Bubblegum Search partnered up with Kartoffel Films in December 2018. We conducted a comprehensive technical audit and followed it up with a content audit to take a snapshot of the website and combat the shortcomings right out of the gate. To that end, the first couple of months were spent with technical improvements and laying the groundwork for SEO best practices to come into play.

A few months in, our meticulous SEO efforts started kicking in. We noticed the organic metrics skyrocketed around the 5-month mark and later months proved this growth was sustainable. Compared to the first 5 months of our partnership, the latter 5 month stretch had 50% more organic traffic, 70% more organic clicks, 215% more keyword impressions, and 37% more organic goal completions. Our content marketing & outreach campaigns also paid off with a 100% rise in the number of referring domains.

Eoin Dowdall


I’ve been super impressed with the expertise and execution of our SEO strategy. In our first year of working with the Bubblegum team, we have seen a big uplift in both of organic traffic and leads. Keeping our sales team busy and with a clear attribution to our bottom line.


increase in monthly organic traffic for video production company in London