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What is B2B SEO?

In an increasingly hyper-connected digital age, the business to business (B2B) sector is thriving. If you’re a company that offers goods or services to other businesses, building a sense of trust and authority in your niche is essential. Cue B2B search engine optimisation (SEO).

Whatever you do or whatever you’re selling, you need to make it easy for your target business clients to discover your products or services, engage with your brand, and ultimately, convert.

Working with an experienced B2B SEO agency, you will rank highly in search engines for relevant search terms and connect with the right corporate customers or clients—the ones that will offer real value to your business. The B2B market is getting more challenging every year and to become a glistening needle in that giant digital haystack, taking a strategic approach to your B2B SEO strategy is no longer an add-on, it’s essential.

Our strategies grew B2B sales at


Increase in monthly organic traffic for leaders in collaboration display technology.

"Since working with Bubblegum we have seen our SEO rankings significantly improve leading to a marked increase in our leads and conversions. Matt and the team are great to work with and always go above and beyond to gain excellent results."

- Natalie-Harris Briggs, VP Marketing at Avocor

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Our B2B SEO Services

Growing your brand’s organic B2B traffic doesn’t happen with a few mouse clicks or keyboard strokes.

No, as a B2B business, you need to roll out the right strategies consistently to earn genuine growth and success.

That’s where Bubblegum Search comes in. As London’s number one B2B SEO company, we offer a magic mix of strategic B2B SEO services that will benefit the growth of your business.

Let’s explore.

B2B SEO Strategy

As a leading company for B2B SEO, we offer a balanced mix of B2B-centric search engine optimisation services tailored to your specific goals and target market. No cheap tricks or 'black hat' tactics here—we craft rock-solid SEO & Content Marketing strategies designed to foster real authority and growth.

Technical Auditing for B2B SEO Success

Our forward-thinking B2B SEO services include frequent technical audits to tackle any potential bugs or issues while ensuring every single one of your pages is optimised for sustainable search engine-based success.

B2B Keyword Research

Sourcing—and implementing—the perfect keywords for your B2B business is critical to your ongoing SEO success. It’s how the right businesses and clients will find and engage with your most important content. As London’s top B2B SEO agency, our team of experts can carry out detailed research, selecting the keywords that will see your business soar straight to the top of Google.

Metadata & Description Content Optimisation

Using creative SEO copywriting skills and niche technical knowledge, our in-house SEO professionals can produce metadata that offers direct value to your target business customers, drives engagement, and gets you more organic web traffic.

Content Marketing For B2B

Creating and promoting inspiring, engaging, and value-driven content for your target audience is one of the most important aspects of B2B SEO success. SEO and content marketing are interlinked—and we have the talent to develop thought-leading content (blog articles, whitepapers, eBooks, videos, infographics, case studies, and more) that speaks directly to your target audience while ranking well for relevant search terms. A real win-win.

B2B Mobile SEO Auditing & Optimisation

We live in a mobile world and if your website isn’t optimised for tablets or smartphones, your reputation, as well as your search engine rankings, will suffer. As a versatile B2B SEO agency, we will work closely with your web developer to ensure all of your content is 100% optimised for the mobile experience while conducting regular audits to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Link Building & Digital PR

Link-building is one of the cornerstones of successful SEO & B2B organic growth.

We will create content and develop strategies that will significantly boost your link-building profile and increase your brand visibility. We can also maximise every potential promotional opportunity with SEO-based digital PR activities tailored to your business.

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Why Use Our B2B SEO Services?

Our ever-expanding range of B2B SEO services will give you an all-important edge on the competition. With a bespoke, value-focused approach, we will use our industry-leading expertise to:

As a B2B SEO agency with an outstanding track record,we've helped many B2B businesses reach (mostly exceed) their commercial goals through the power of search.

You know what they say...seeing is believing. Have a browse at some of our recent Google Reviews to see what our clients have to say about us and our services...

Benefits Of Partnering With B2B SEO Experts?

Teaming up with a professional company for B2B SEO will save you time while accelerating your commercial growth. SEO is a colossal task, but with expert guidance, the ROI is incredible. Here are just some of the perks of working with a leading B2B SEO specialist:

Must-Know B2B SEO FAQs

How Do B2B SEO Services Increase Revenue?

B2B SEO is strategic and as such, involves a mix of activities designed to help you rank higher in Goolge for relevant search terms and build brand authority both sustainable and incrementally.

This means that overtime, you will start to see more organic website traffic, earn more leads, and ultimately, grow your revenue. As such, B2B SEO, done well, offers an excellent return on investment (ROI) and will increase your revenue and boost your bottom line consistently.

Is SEO & Content Marketing Important for Our B2B Growth Plan?

While it was once considered a throw away industry buzzword, the phrase ‘content is king’ is truer than ever.

To rank well for the right search terms and encourage genuine engagement, creating a broad range of targeted content—from blog posts and articles to eBooks, whitepapers, and beyond—that is not only inspiring, but offers your target audience personal value.

Content marketing is the very vessel for raising your brand’s profile and boosting your search authority and without investing in content marketing, you won’t get very far. As such, content marketing is the very catalyst for B2B growth.

How Much Do Your B2B SEO Services Cost?

Our B2B SEO services will naturally depend on your goals as well as the specific services you need (we tailor our services to our clients needs). But, as a guide, one-time SEO projects start at £700 & ongoing monthly SEO Management starts at £1,200 per month.

How Long Does SEO Take for B2B Companies to See Results?

There’s no clear cut answer to this question and ultimately, results will largely depend on your goals, website history, and target B2B market. But, it’s worth knowing that SEO success doesn’t happen overnight.

That said, as a guide, you will typically see solid traction within four to six months and with a targeted approach, you are very likely to see your B2B SEO results soar from that point onwards.

What Are Backlinks and Are They Important for B2B Websites?

A backlink is earned when one website links to another. When website A links to website B in a particular piece of content or article, website B has earned a backlink.

Backlinks are also known in the industry as 'inbound links'. Backlinks are critical to B2B SEO success as they essentially help to tell search engines like Google, that a brand (the recipient of the backlink) has the authority in a specific subject—it's a vote of SEO confidence. The more quality backlinks you earn, the more search engines will value your business, and your search engine rankings will increase as a result.

What Is a B2B Content Strategy?

A B2B content marketing strategy is essentially an ongoing campaign designed to help your B2B business in developing valuable content that answers your target clients’ or customers’ pain points; boosting your brand awareness, expertise, authority and trust.

Developing a wealth of relevant, complementary content across a wealth of digital channels and touchpoints, a B2B content marketing strategy is all about leveraging the power of content creatively to earn more organic web traffic and engage a wider target audience indefinitely.

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