Technical SEO

Fine tune your site for success

Technical SEO

Your website is unique and it will require configuration from an expert technical SEO agency. Whether you're using WordPress, Magento, or any other content management system, our team of technical SEO consultants have the experience to get you results.

Technical SEO services

Here's where we roll up our sleeves and build the foundations for a website that will grow your business. Conducting a technical SEO audit is a complex process, with many separate stages. First, our technical SEO consultants travel deep into your website. We find all the technical elements affecting its performance. Then, we work with your developers to fix them. At the end, you get a sleek, powerful, high-performance website, ready to race against the competition. Of course, there are many factors and variables that affect your technical SEO.

Below you'll find our tried-and-tested technical SEO audit checklist:

  • Crawling & Indexing

    Creating a clear structure for search engine spiders to crawl your site, getting your pages quickly indexed and ranked.

  • Sitemaps

    When you arrive in a new place, you need a map to guide you. Technical SEO is the same. We create two versions: XML for the search engines, html for the humans.

  • Metadata

    Telling websites what your content is about, using keywords to get you highly ranked.

  • Canonicalisation

    Duplicate content is problematic for search engines. We canonicalise pages (focusing SEO on one main page) to stop it happening.

    Technical SEO agency
  • Page and server speed

    Uncovering elements with your code and configuration that can affect page load speed and performance.

  • Mobile usability

    Your technical SEO consultant will use industry expertise to make sure your website works well on all devices – a critical part of successful SEO.

  • Redirects

    If you need to delete or change a page, we apply redirects to make sure the page keeps its authority and visitors reach your site.

  • Site migration

    Specialising in moving, launching and relaunching websites – easily and without affecting your SEO.

  • Status codes

    Analysing each page of your site, to see which pages return status codes (like the 404 "page not found"), and fixing them.

  • Meta robots

    Meta tags will instruct search engine robots to crawl and index your site efficiently. For example, only indexing relevant and appropriate pages. Keeping your SEO campaign lean and focused.

  • Page Depth

    Setting up page navigation so both your visitors and search engines can locate the correct information efficiently via the most direct route, minimising the possibility of important pages being undiscovered.

  • Hreflang Implementation for international SEO

    Hreflang tags will ensure that all content is correctly served according to the language and user's geographical location.

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