Google Penalty Removal

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Penalty Removal

If you've received a Google penalty, think you may be penalised, don't panic! Contact us, and you're already one step closer to recovery. You may have seen a fall in rankings or customer enquiries. Maybe you've had a Webmaster Console warning from Google. Perhaps a competitor has deliberately set out to harm your SEO. Whatever the issue, our bespoke Google penalty recovery services can help restore your website’s reputation.

Google Penalty Removal Service

Over the years we've seen – and helped clients recover from – every type of algorithmic penalty. We've delivered a penalty removal service for clients who've been hit by both Panda and Penguin. This experience means we will quickly diagnose and implement the right action plan for you. Here's our proven methodology, which contains everything necessary to get you back up the rankings:

  • Step-by-step audit

    We dig deep into your online presence, looking at your website history, analysing links from other websites, assessing your past and present SEO strategies. That way we develop a deep understanding of what needs to be done.

  • Diagnosis

    We compile a full report, measuring your profile against all critical Google updates such as Penguin and Panda. We discover problematic areas, where to improve, and how best to get you back on track, whether you need our Panda recovery services or another of our expertly tailored solutions.

  • Repair

    In the case of a Penguin penalty, the most important aspect to your recovery is removing and disavowing harmful links, reversing negative SEO practices and putting the right foundations in place for the future. Your backlink profile gets a complete detox!

  • Reconsideration request

    In the case of a manual penalty, we make a formal application for the penalty to be revoked. This is delivered in the format Google expects, along with accompanying evidential documentation. This tried-and-tested formula means your website is back up and running in no time.

Google Penalty FAQ

Google Penalty Removal
  • What is a Google manual penalty?

    This is an action which negatively affects a website's search ranking. It can happen after an algorithm update, or when the website has been found to have used "black hat" methods to trick Google. It's very serious, and can harm your traffic. You might still appear in the search results if you type in your company name, but you will probably lose most of your organic traffic. Our Google penalty recovery services can repair the damage done to your site’s integrity.

  • How long does a manual Google penalty last for?

    Your Google penalty recovery timeframe is dependent on how quickly you react and make positive changes. As long as a thorough process has been undertaken to clean up your backlink profile and your reconsideration request has been delivered in the correct format, Google will typically revoke your penalty within a matter of weeks.

  • How long does an algorithmic Google penalty last for?

    There's no definite timescale – this depends entirely on a Google Penguin refresh. Unfortunately, these don’t take place very often and can happen as little as once a year. However, by taking the necessary steps to clean up any toxic links and submitting a disavow file, you are in the best position to recover.

  • How can I avoid a Google penalty?

    You need to avoid using any tactics that go against Google's webmaster guidelines, such as creating duplicate content or stuffing websites with commercial keywords. By using these tactics you run an inherent risk of being penalised. For example, guest posting when done correctly is positive for both the contributor and the audience. However, paid guest posting in order to acquire links alone can now get you penalised.

  • What is a Panda penalty?

    This was a 2011 update to Google's algorithm, designed to penalise low quality websites with "thin" and duplicate content (for example, rewritten blogs or articles with little originality). After Panda was released, websites had to improve their content quality to stay competitive in search. If you’re worried your website has been penalised, our customised Panda recovery services can help put things right.

  • What is a Penguin penalty?

    In 2012 Google released an algorithm update known as "Penguin". There have since been many updates and refreshes. This algorithm was designed to combat the practice of link schemes or "link farms". This "black hat" technique involved building lots of links from low quality websites, and then pointing these to other websites. This would trick Google into thinking that the website with lots of links pointing at it should be ranked higher. Penguin also penalises websites which swap links among themselves, so you should avoid this practice at all costs.

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