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As a leading paid social agency in Surrey, our pay-per-lead model and creative approach guarantee more engagement and higher sales.

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How social media ads can boost your marketing

With four out of five people actively using social media, it’s one of the best ways to engage and find new customers.

Lots of people using social media, means lots of data for advertisers to take advantage of. This means we can target your customers with laser precision.

Want to show ads to women living in London under the age of 35, who own a dog, work in the hospitality industry and love watching tennis? You can with the power of social media advertising!

This means less money wasted on targeting the wrong people, and a higher return on ad spend (ROAS).

The great thing about social media advertising is you receive detailed stats. These stats show how many people have clicked on your ads and how many leads, bookings and revenue your campaign has generated. This is extremely valuable insight that we can use to steer all your future marketing campaigns.

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Why Choose Bubblegum Search As Your Paid Social Media Agency?

The social media platforms we specialise in as a paid social agency

Fantastic Facebook advertising

With over 57 million Facebook users in the UK , Facebook is a great starting point for your paid social campaign.

We’ll create ad campaigns that focus on your target audience and create eye-catching advertisements with creative images and videos that customers can’t help but click on.

Incredible Instagram advertising

If you want customers to be able to buy your products or services without leaving Instagram, a well-placed ad campaign can encourage users to shop ‘til they drop.

As a social media ads agency that specialises in Instagram, we’ll create targeted campaigns as well as image and video ads that will engage your audience.

Plus, as Instagram and Facebook are owned by Meta, we can help you make the most of your presence on both platforms.

Lovely LinkedIn advertising

If you sell products and services to other companies, a LinkedIn advertising campaign is a great way to earn traffic, leads and brand awareness.

Whether you want to generate leads or get people to follow your company page, our paid social media agency will produce campaigns that will get customers clicking.

Terrific Tiktok Advertising

From music challenges to synchronized dances, TikTok has taken the world by storm. If you want to harness the power this platform provides, our team of experts can create a campaign that brings results.

We’ll work with you to create TikTok campaigns that entertain, educate and engage your target audience, increasing brand awareness and encouraging them to find out more about you.

More Reasons To Choose Bubblegum Search as Your Paid Social Agency

We become part of your marketing team, working with your business to understand everything there is to know about your brand.

We deep dive into the data to really understand what your target audience wants.

We offer additional services to help boost your business, including SEO services, lead generation and conversion rate optimisation

You get a dedicated account manager who is only a Zoom call away if you have any questions

Flexible services mean you’re not tied into an annual contract

We have paid social media packages to suit a range of budgets

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