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When you’re responsible for marketing a business, it’s important to offer content that solves your prospective customers’ problems.

High-quality inbound marketing will make people aware of your business, encourage them to engage and persuade them to buy.

If you’re looking for inbound marketing services that are bespoke to your business needs, Bubblegum Search can help.

What is inbound marketing and why is it so important?

Inbound marketing is the science of creating content and experiences tailored to your target audience. This includes blogs, infographics, web pages, videos, eBooks, and interactive content.

By providing valuable, relevant content that answers your customers’ questions, you’re more likely to develop a long-lasting relationship with them.

The benefit of inbound marketing is that it draws customers directly to you. This saves your sales and marketing team valuable time as they don’t have to chase prospective customers. Get your inbound marketing right, and your customers might even become advocates for your business!

Another advantage is that inbound marketing helps build trust in your business. Well-researched content can help you become a thought-leader in your industry, giving you the edge over your competitors.

Want content that draws attention? We got you covered

Inbound marketing services in London (and beyond)

Over 40% of marketers say inbound marketing is effective, providing them with a substantial return on investment for their business. No matter your size or the industry you’re in, inbound marketing will benefit your business.

However, inbound marketing can be hard to do in-house. Not only do you have to spend time understanding your customers’ needs, but you have to create consistent content and monitor its success. One blog a month just isn’t enough.

Bubblegum Search is an inbound marketing agency that drives results. We specialise in inbound marketing services, working with a wide range of businesses across the UK.

Our team of experts will work closely with your business to create a tailor-made inbound marketing solution that addresses all of your customers’ pain points.

Why Bubblegum Search should be your inbound marketing agency of choice

Many agencies provide inbound marketing services, and you may be wondering why you should choose us.
Here are just some of the reasons why we’re perfectly placed to manage your inbound marketing.

We have experience working with a range of businesses across the UK, with the results to prove it

Our team of experts are skilled in a wide range of marketing disciplines, so you get a solution customised to your specific needs
We offer inbound marketing services to suit all budgets, because even small businesses deserve high-quality inbound marketing
You get dedicated account management, with an account manager who is only an email or Zoom call away
We offer flexible inbound marketing services, meaning you’re not tied to an annual contract

How we'll create the perfect inbound marketing campaign for your business

The key to great inbound marketing is understanding your target audience and how your business can help them. The more your content is geared towards the people you want to buy your products and services, the more likely they will pay attention.

Here’s how we’ll work with you to develop inbound marketing for your business

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