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What is Education SEO?

Whether you’re a distance learning provider, an independent school, a primary school, a college—or any other kind of educational institution for that matter—it’s likely that you face fierce competition. To connect with students that are likely to find your institution valuable (and ultimately sign up or enroll), you must be visible.

Not only is it important to boost your online visibility, but for sustainable growth, building a sense of authority and trust is key. Enter SEO for education providers.

Working with a specialist Education SEO company, you will rank well for relevant search queries and connect with the right students & parents—engaged education seekers that align with your target demographics.

The educational sector is becoming increasingly competitive and to make a real impact online, adopting a strategic stance to your education or school SEO strategy is no longer an optional strategic add-on—it’s absolutely essential.

Our strategies grew sales at


Increase in SEO Visibility for global
leaders in waterproof bags and cases.

"The Bubblegum team have created and implemented a comprehensive content strategy and have also helped us implement lots of technical fixes during our site migration. This has resulted in a steady increase in organic traffic and sales."

- Joel Meadows, Marketing Director at Overboard

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Our Education & School SEO Services

Growing your institution's SEO profile doesn’t happen with a couple of mouse clicks, phone swipes or keyboard taps. No, as a school or educational institution, persistence, strategy, and consistency is key.

That's where Bubblegum Search comes in. As London’s leading school SEO company, we provide an extensive menu of strategic education-centric SEO services that will help you stand out in your field.

Let’s explore.

Your School SEO Strategy

As London’s top SEO agency for schools and educators, we focus on the bigger picture. We will tailor our cohesive mix of search engine optimisation services to your specific needs and target audience. No shoddy tricks or 'black hat' tactics here—we create cutting-edge SEO strategies built for sustainable growth and success.

Technical Educational SEO Auditing

Our modern mix of education SEO services include regularly scheduled technical audits to pinpoint and fix any potential bugs, errors or performance issues while making sure all of your web pages is fully optimised for ongoing search engine success.

School SEO Keyword Research

Researching, discovering—and implementing—the most valuable keywords for your school or institution is vital to ranking well in search engines. It’s how prospective students will connect and engage with your website and prospecting content.

As a trusted SEO agency for schools, our in-house experts will dig deep, conducting detailed research to select the very keywords or terms that will catapult your institution to the top of the Google search results.

Metadata & Description Optimisation

Utilising a balanced mix of creative SEO copywriting techniques and unique knowledge, our team of SEO professionals are trained to craft metadata and descriptions that attract prospective students or parents, attract organic web traffic, and boost engagement.

Local SEO & Google Map Optimisation

Did you know? 80% of all local web searches convert. Creating locally-focused SEO-friendly content should be a pillar of your school or institution’s strategy—and our education SEO services deliver. In addition to developing targeted local SEO content, we can also optimise your local SEO & Google Map rankings for increased exposure and local search success.

Mobile SEO Auditing & Optimisation For Schools

We live in a mobile age and if your website or landing pages are not optimised for the likes of tablets or smartphones, your search engine rankings (not to mention your reputation), will dwindle.

As a leading SEO agency for schools, we will work in close collaboration with your web developer to make sure every single piece of content is completely optimised for mobile engagement while performing audits for consistent UX & search performance.

Link Building & Digital PR For Schools

Relevant and high quality backlinks is an important SEO ranking factor for schools and educators. We will develop cohesive strategies and create inspiring educational content that when combined with outreach campaigns, will increase your backlink profile while building awareness about your school or institution. We will also maximise every promotional opportunity with SEO-based digital PR activities tailored to your school or college. More authority, increased exposure and backlinks —a real win-win-win.

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Why Use Our Educational SEO Services?

Our dynamic mix of SEO services for schools will give you a real edge on the competition. With a personable, bespoke, value-driven approach to SEO, we use our tools and talents to...

As an education SEO agency with plenty of experience and a track record to be proud of, we've helped many schools reach (mostly exceed) their organisational goals using the universal power of search.

As the age-old saying goes...seeing is believing. Cast a glance at our recent Google Reviews and find out what our clients have to say about the company, and our services...

Benefits Of Partnering With Our School SEO Experts?

Teaming up with an agency that provides professional SEO services for schools will save you time and resources while helping you reach more students the right way. SEO is a huge task to take on, but with professional consultancy and expertise, you will enjoy a very healthy return on investment (ROI). Here are some of the primary perks of working with a top SEO agency for education:

Must-Know School SEO FAQs

How Do SEO Services Increase Enrollment?

Education SEO is led by strategy and as such, involves a balanced mix of tactics that will help your institution rank higher in Google for the most valuable search terms while building brand authority sustainably.

This means that by adopting a consistent approach, you will start to enjoy more organic website traffic overtime, ensure your content reaches the right prospects at the right time, and ultimately, earn more enrollments.

As such, SEO is one of the best investments a school or educational institution can make.

How Much Do Your School SEO Services Cost?

Our SEO services for education vary slightly depending on your aims as well as the particular services you require (we tailor our services to our clients).

But, as a working guide, one-time SEO projects begin at £700 & recurring monthly SEO Management starts at £1,200 per month.

How Long Does SEO Take for Schools to See Results?

There’s no definitive answer to this question (it’s somewhat of a ‘how long is a piece of string?’ scenario) and truly speaking, results will depend on your specific goals, website history, and educational niche.

That said, it’s worth noting that SEO success doesn’t happen with the snap of a finger. As a general guide, you will usually enjoy noticeable traction within four to six months and with a targeted strategy, you are more than likely to see your education SEO results skyrocket from that point onwards.

How Does Local Seo Work and Benefit Schools?

Local SEO is centred on creating content and experiences specific to your geographical area.

Around 80% of local searches convert, which means that by creating content with local intent and by optimising for better rankings within Google Maps, you’re likely to attract more prospective students & parents to your website and earn an increased rate of admissions.

What Are Backlinks and Why Are They Important for School Websites?

A backlink is earned when one website links to another. When website A links to website B in a particular piece of content or article, website B has earned a backlink.

Backlinks are also referred to as 'inbound links'. Backlinks are vital to school SEO success as they tell search engines that an institution (the recipient of the backlink) is trusted or has authority in a particular subject—it's a vote of search engine optimisation confidence. The more top-quality backlinks you earn, the more search engines will value your school or institution, and your SEO rankings will improve, significantly.

How Can We Get Started on Our School's SEO?

To get your school SEO strategy off to a flying start, you must take time to think about your goals (for instance, do you want to enhance your mobile optimisation efforts or develop a campaign to boost local SEO rankings for particular keywords?

Or maybe you’re looking to improve your entire School SEO strategy? But either way, do not worry! If you're not sure about which search-based goals will be best suited and the kind of services you’re after, please contact us and our team of Education SEO professionals will be more than happy to help you get things started.

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