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Impactful content holds SEO top-of-mind. Bubblegum Search builds your content creation strategy around quality link building with a keyword focus, helping you gain the traction you want for the results you deserve.

Work with our content experts to generate leads, close sales and rise above the competition.

Earn referral traffic through linkable, value-driven content

Improve organic rankings to improve search visibility, traction and results

Capture leads and convert sales with a highly-targeted approach

Establish domain authority with a comprehensive digital marketing

Your content linked to your audience?

Strategise. Produce. Promote.

Search engines love excellent content. So, once you have your content creation strategy in place, it’s time to scale and grow.

An expert Digital Content Agency takes the weight off production, saving you time and money in delivering guaranteed ROI.

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Huge increase in yearly organic traffic for education marketing agency

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Content We Create

We offer a full suite of Content Creation Services – ask, and we’ll deliver.

Hollistic content for your business to bloom online.

The SEO agency you can count on

You know you need your web pages to rank higher in search engines like Google. The problem is… you don’t know where to start!

Our specialist SEO agency will work with you to create a custom SEO strategy, tailored to your specific needs. With us, you’ll get more organic traffic, an improved online presence and those all-important leads and sales.

Content Creation is Foundational to SEO

Blog posts, articles, infographics, White Papers – they deliver unique value to your audience and grow traffic, yes. But is this the only goal? Our talented Content Creation Services team suggests otherwise…

Content creation lies at the heart of search engine success.

Without content writers who understand technical SEO; graphic design with the best user experience in mind; a content amplification strategy that helps with content promotion as well as conversion – your business will forever struggle to release the real value of your niche.

Produce relevant content focused on your target audience; it will convert into high-quality link building, organic traffic and sustainable growth.

The opportunity is too great to pass up.

Real talk - without carefully curated content - your website will not perform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Creating content calls for a specific set of skills, which is why you may find yourself called to use a content creation agency. This kind of agency specialises in content and will be able to deliver anything from ‘service’ pages to SEO blog posts, linkable assets, infographics and more. It’s one thing to create a nice blog post once in a while, but another thing to deliver an outstanding piece of copy that gains trusted backlinks, drives new visitors to your site and leads users down the sales funnel.

Made up of copywriters, designers, strategists and digital marketers, a content creation agency like Bubblegum Search will have the skills, knowledge and experience to not only create a compelling content strategy that supports your objectives, but ensure it’s executed to the highest standard.

As opposed to creating content for content’s sake, our well-considered SEO content strategy services will help you achieve your online goals; whether driving traffic, spreading awareness or supercharging sales.

Built around your brand’s personality and business goals, a good SEO content strategy will reach the right audience, facilitate social shares, attract links and target topics and keywords, all of which can have a huge impact on your SEO results.

While the phrase ‘content is king’ may have been coined in the 90s, the saying still holds weight today. However, the way that content is created and delivered has changed dramatically. In the past, filling your website and blogs with high-volume keywords may have been enough to get Google’s attention but, today, search engines algorithms prioritise the user’s intent; so only the most relevant, helpful and high-quality content gets a place in the search results.

With so much content online, it’s increasingly important to offer the user truly valuable content that serves a purpose; whether that’s to inform, engage or entertain. Your content should also be shareable and SEO-optimised to give it the best possible chance of being seen.

Content comes in many forms and can appeal to different audiences, at varying stages of the sales funnel. In today’s modern world, we consume a vast amount of written, audio and visual content just going about our daily lives; from the morning news, to the office radio and even the books we read at night. Just some forms of content include blogs and articles, podcasts, video, images, infographics, ebooks and whitepapers. These different types of content give businesses the opportunity to connect with audiences in an authoritative and meaningful way.

When it comes to content, writing for your audience’s needs is key. But it can also be beneficial to use a carefully-selected range of keywords, which enable search engines to identify and rank your content. When choosing keywords, it’s important to think about the intent behind them: what is the user thinking when they type this into a search engine and what answer are they looking for?

You can then build content around these keywords, creating a piece of copy that expertly fulfills the audience’s requirements.

The key? Ensure your keywords are incorporated naturally into the text and avoid ‘keyword stuffing’, which can be detrimental to your rankings. Your content can also be optimised for SEO with unique meta data and through using the correct tags.

Are you looking to inform and entertain or persuade and drive conversions? Utilising the right kind of writing style will have a notable impact on your results.

SEO content writing is the art of creating compelling blog posts and other kinds of content that engage the reader, build brand affiliation and drive traffic to your website.

But, once you’ve got your visitors there, you’ll want to use SEO copywriting on your homepage and services pages to persuade and convert them. Rather than being seen as different professions, SEO content writing and SEO copywriting are two techniques that can be used to great effect when utilised in the right place.

Linkable content is crafted with the purpose of earning links from other websites. This kind of content often has a great ROI, as it builds your website’s authority, increases your link equity and drives valuable visitors to your website.

A great piece of linkable content, like an engaging infographic, online tools and calculators or a research paper, can also have the added benefit of being great for sharing on social media and boosting brand awareness.

When creating linkable content, think about why a website would link back to your asset: it may be to entertain, back up a point or show an alternative view on a topic they’re covering.

Yes – infographics are not only a great way to convey heavy, complex or boring topics in a visually-enticing way, but can also assist your SEO efforts. Well-designed infographics can boost backlinks to your website, drive traffic and build brand awareness. It’s also a medium that’s well-suited to sharing on social platforms.

While most infographics are created as an image file, and therefore don’t benefit from keyword optimisations like a blog post would, an infographic can be optimised for SEO through its file name, alt text, URL, meta description and any on-page text that’s published alongside your infographic.