Why can’t you guarantee SEO results?

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A lot of search engine agencies promise they can get your company website ranking #1 on Google. 

Sounds too good to be true? You’ve guessed it – it is.

The truth is, no SEO company is in a position to make this statement. 

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Even Google tells businesses to ‘beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings’

At Bubblegum Search, we don’t guarantee SEO results, and we’re proud to do so. 

Here’s why:

The problem with guaranteed SEO

Agencies that guarantee SEO try to do so by dubious means. Some of the strategies our SEO experts have seen in the past include:

  • Using black hat SEO, for example, using private blog networks (PBN’s) for links or keyword stuffing
  • Ranking for keywords that just aren’t competitive or relevant 
  • Moving websites from the twentieth to the fifteenth page of Google (hey, you did move up in the rankings… barely)
  • Using bots to artificially inflate website traffic

These tactics don’t help your business and can even make things worse. In the best-case scenario, you lose the money you paid. In the worst-case scenario, your site gets a manual penalty by Google.

Holding out two handfuls of cash money

There’s no magic button when it comes to SEO

Many factors go into determining where pages rank for keywords in the search engines. The location you’re searching from, customer intent, and how your competitors are performing and how much they are investing.

This means agencies can’t (and shouldn’t) guarantee that you’ll rank for your chosen keyword.

However, high-quality agencies (like us!) will be able to guarantee that they’ll:

  • Take the time to audit and do due diligence when putting together your SEO strategy
  • Suggest what’s right for your business’ so SEOis  in line with your marketing goals
  • Constantly review your metrics and make suggestions as to how you can improve
  • Use the skills they have learned to help you succeed
  • Have lots of case studies and testimonials from satisfied customers they’ve worked with before and seen amazing results!

In conclusion – can we get your business on the first page of Google? Over time, this is highly likely but we can’t promise ranking positions for any given keywords. 

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However, over time, we promise to bring you high-quality traffic, keep you up to speed with all the latest SEO developments, increase your business’s visibility online and your organic market share.

And we think that’s a much nicer promise to keep. 

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