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SEO 2018: Top 5 Most Effective SEO Techniques

Posted on May, 7, 18

Its really difficult to keep up with all the different types of SEO tactics out there. So you’re probably wondering: […]

How Does Google Rank Websites? (Explained Simply)

Posted on February, 12, 18

How Google Organise the World’s Information & Make It Universally Accessible and Useful Before getting into the nitty-gritty of SEO […]

The Fight Against Black Hat SEO: 3 Awesome Moments in History (Infographic)

Posted on December, 23, 17

At Bubblegum Search, we’ve been in the digital marketing industry long enough to have seen the very worst in black […]

Budgeting for B2B Digital Marketing in 2017/18

Posted on July, 26, 17

Its not easy knowing what digital marketing channels you should invest in. Or What digital marketing channel will yield the […]

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