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local SEO

Local SEO vs Traditional Marketing: Use local SEO to skyrocket sales and lower CPA (Infographic)

Posted on April,12, 17

Most businesses are aware of the benefits that SEO can bring them, but when it comes to small businesses, it is Local SEO which can offer the most impressive benefits in terms of attracting new customers and increasing brand awareness in their local vicinity. Despite this, many small businesses are still relying primarily on traditional […]

A Beginners Guide To SEO: How To Optimise Google Search Console & Analytics

Posted on January,10, 17

Google’s Search Console (previously known as Webmaster Tools) and Analytics are both incredibly valuable tools for optimising your site and monitoring its SEO success. Here’s the basics on getting set up and making the most of Search Console and Analytics. Step 1: Sign into/set up a Google account Head over to and click ‘Sign […]

duplicate content penalty

Should I still be worried about a duplicate content penalty?

Posted on October,4, 16

Should I still be worried about a duplicate content penalty? Avoiding duplicate content is perhaps one of the most basic and best-known rules of SEO. However, it’s also well-known that search engines, and Google in particular, are constantly adapting and improving their algorithms and that key SEO best practices are regularly changing. In summer this […]

seo migration tips

How To Avoid Losing Your SEO Rankings When Redesigning Or Migrating Your Website

Posted on September,15, 16

Any type of major site change, whether it’s a redesign, a migration to a new domain, or a migration to a new CMS, can have a serious impact on SEO. New URLs, new technology, redirects and changing on-page optimisation can all cause search rankings to fall and do permanent damage to your site’s SEO success. […]

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